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A Key Element of Any Wardrobe

No wardrobe is complete with at least one aged leather jacket. A high-quality leather jacket will last a lifetime and look fantastic with proper maintenance. It will be well worth the price so invest in one when possible. Real leather requires oiling or waxing periodically to replenish the moisture and renew the softness and natural sheen. The jacket works well for business casual and everyday wear. The only place a leather jacket is inappropriate is at a professional office where a suit and tie is the norm.

In terms of mens designer leather jackets, there are five basic types. The double rider jacket has a belt that buckles near the bottom of the front zipper. This style may also have two zippers. The racer design has a band collar, a center zipper, and minimal detailing. It is simple and understated, but still a classic.There are two similar designs which are both considered "bomber" jackets. The A2 Flight jacket has ribbed cuffs and hem. The zipper is covered and there are two front pockets that are big and have flap closures. it was originally designed to keep military pilots warm. The MA1 Bomber jacket has slit pockets, along with a zipper one on the sleeve. This is a popular jacket for everyday wear. The fencing leather jacket has no pockets and two asymmetrical zippers.

The difference between a regular leather jacket and a designer jacket is the quality of the leather. A cheap leather coat is made of corrected leather. That means the leather has been sanded down to removal any scarring or branding from the hide. The leather will not be as durable so it will be susceptible to cracking and tears. Premium leather is used in making designer jackets, which is why they tend to cost more money. Another way to distinguish between a cheap jacket and a high-quality one is to look at the lining. If it has one lining, it is a cheap jacket. Designer jackets will have two linings to cover the inside. One lining covers the body of the jacket, while a second lining is used to coat the inside of the sleeves. That provides more comfort and more flexibility.

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